Renewing your AARG Membership

To renew your AARG membership, you can do it using the following methods: 

(Note: when renewing your membership you do not have to register again. If any of your details have changed, simply write an email to the AARG Secretary↵)

Direct Payment from your Bank to AARG
Important: please contact the AARG Secretary↵ and you will be provided with AARG bank account details. When paying by bank transfer, please ensure your name and reason for payment are clearly displayed.

You can make your PayPal payment by clicking the fitting button below. Please enter the correct amount according to your status (individual, institutional, special rate).

Paying in Euro

Paying in Sterling

Renewed memberships need to be paid in full before the end of February. Members from the UK are invited to make a standing order payment with payment on 1st of January.