AARGnews is the bi-annual newsletter of the Aerial Archaeology Research Group. Containing editorials, news items, summary notes and longer descriptive or research articles, AARGnews remains a diverse, up-to-date and above all, open forum for discussion and exchange of new (and old) ideas.
Well illustrated with photographs, maps and plans, recent papers have covered aerial photography, air photo interpretation and mapping, historic aviators and their work, the methodology and progress of national remote sensing programmes, satellite imagery, book reviews and useful excerpts from the World Wide Web.

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AARGnews is published twice per year and is circulated to all AARG members. Since issue 35 (September 2007) it has been prepared and circulated in pdf format and some years earlier, the Committee agreed that past issues of AARGnews could be converted to pdf files and placed on the web site for free access. We are grateful to Lidka Zuk from the University of Poznan in Poland for scanning the first 20 issues and converting them into PDF files.

AARGnews 62 (2021,1)

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Editorial by Rog Palmer 2
Chair’s piece: by Sara Popović
AARG 2021: Strange times – strange call for papers 7
AARG notices:
AARG’s news and information in other formats
Derrick Riley Bursary 
ISAP Fund 
Information for contributors 8
AARG’s Sentinel 2 working group – background and first report by Rog Palmer 9
Drone archaeology as an amateur by Julian Ravest 11
GeoNadir: mobilising Mother Earth’s paparazzi
by Karen Joyce 24
Wazzat? Number 3 by Rog Palmer 26
Aerial archaeological time window in 2020:
12 days in June. Report from Hungary
by Zoltán Czajlik 27
Aerial Archaeology in Oman 2018 and 2019
by Robert Bewley and Sufyan Al Karameh 38
Aerial images and instant gratification (figure 1)
by Rog Palmer 51
Cropmarks 53
Books and papers of interest? 55
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student scholarships 70

AARGnews 61 (2020,2)

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Editorial by Rog Palmer 3
Chair’s piece: by Sara Popović 8
AARG notices:
AARG’s news and information in other formats
Derrick Riley Bursary 
ISAP Fund 
Information for contributors 11
Detection of crop mark contrast for archaeological surveys by Froelich G. Rainey, John N. Hampton and Bruce W. Bevan 12
Small window of opportunity in the Upper Thames Valley 2020 by Robert Bewley 26
Aerial research in Nord Isère (France – Rhône Alpes region) Panossas “les buissières” by Alain Bliez 32
To fly or not to fly – that is the question? by Moira Greig 38
Over Danube meadow with a UAV by Ovidiu Frujină, Cornelis Stal and Catalin Lazar 41
Traces of 17th/18th century fortifications in the terrain by Roland Linck 47
Thermal and Multispectral Monitoring of cropmarks by UAV by Simon Seyfried 52
Cropmarks 56
Books and papers of interest? 60
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student scholarships 76

AARGnews 60 (2020,1)

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Editorial 3
Chairpiece: by Steve Davis 6
Meet the Trustees: Chris Cox, Darja Grosman, Włodzimierz Rączkowski 8
AARG 2020 10
AARG notices:
AARG’s news and information in other formats
Derrick Riley Bursary 
ISAP Fund 
Information for contributors 11
Search for a B-25H-5 of the 418 Night Fighter Squadron USAAF 5th Air Force in New Guinea (West Papua) by Bas Kreuger 12
Beech bark disease and ancient fields in Marden Forest, West Sussex, UK by Rog Palmer 19
The benefit of continuous aerial archaeology flights over decades in Bavaria by Dr. Roland Linck, Stefan Kluthe and Klaus Leidorf 21
Computational approaches to archaeological site detection and monitoring: a brief review of a workshop held in Cambridge, 29 February 2020 by Rog Palmer 25
Working round the Covid-19 lockdown and (mainly UK) archive access by Dave Cowley, Helen Winton, Toby Driver and Martin Gojda – collated by Rog Palmer 27
Air Photo Services in the Time of Covid-19 by Chris Cox 30
Covid-19 diversions 41
Cropmarks 42
Books and papers of interest? 44
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student scholarships 57

AARGnews 59 (2019,2)

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Editorial 3
Chairpiece: by Steve Davis 6
AARG notices:
Derrick Riley Bursary 
ISAP Fund 
Information for contributors 8
Mapping a post-WW2 Prisoner-of-War camp in Bavaria through aerial photography by Roland Linck and Sarah Abandowitz 9
Resolving some spatial resolution issues – Part 2: When diffraction takes over by Geert Verhoeven 12
AARG Converstation No 4(2): Darja Grosman and Rog Palmer : 17 September 2018 24
Cropmarks 39
Luftfotoarkæologi 2 (Aerial archaeology 2), a new book from Denmark by Lis Helles Olesen 40
Books and papers of interest? 41
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student scholarships 48
A selection of posters posters from AARG 2019: 49-
Chiara Botturi. Lidar imagery for the understanding and protection of historical landscapes in Northern Ireland
F. Cigna and D. Tapete. Documenting natural and anthropogenic hazards at the Nasca Lines
UNESCO World Heritage site in Peru using satellite SAR
Loren V. Cowin. Mapping Medieval Merv
Zoltán Czajlik. László Rupnik and András Bödőcs. From the archive to the RPAS based 3D photogrammetry. The investigation of an Early Iron Age site-complex in Süttő (Hungary)
Martin Gojda, Ondřej Gojda, Ondřej Baier and Markéta Augustýnová. GIS-based mapping programme of Bohemian archaeological landscape heritage from aerial photographs
D. Tapete and F. Cigna. Observations with COSMO-SkyMed SAR in support of detection of archaeological sites and monitoring of cultural heritage in ordinary times and crisis

AARGnews 58 (2019,1)

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Editorial 3
Chairpiece: by Steve Davis 6
AARG Conference 2019 – venue, dates and call for papers 8
AARG’s new website: https://a-a-r-g.eu by Agnes Schneider 10
AARG notices 11
Derrick Riley Bursary 
ISAP Fund 
Information for contributors
Cultural landscape as palimpsest revisited by Mikołaj Kostyrko, Grzegorz Kiarszys 12
LiDAR for Italian archaeology. High-resolution elevation data to enrich our understanding of the defensive circuits of a protohistoric site in Southern Italy by Jitte Waagen 15
AARG Converstation No 4(1): Darja Grosman and Rog Palmer : 12 September 2018 26
Searching for remains of the Great War – prisoner war camps in Poland in perspective of aerial prospection by Mikołaj Kostyrko and Dawid Kobiałka 33
Drones + images = archives? by Rog Palmer 44
Cropmarks 47
Reviewnote: Tom Condit, Mark Keegan and many others. Aerial investigation and mapping of the Newgrange Landscape, Brú na Bóinne, Co. Meath: The Archaeology of the Brú na Bóinne World Heritage Site Interim Report, December 2018. by Rog Palmer 50
Books and papers of interest? 51
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student scholarships 59
More posters from AARG 2018: 60-
Felice Pericante, Lanscape archaeology: the Swedich Geodatabase example of multistratified monitoring
Felice Pericante, The threat of invasive agriculture on the ancient landscape: Ager Picentinus

AARGnews 57 (2018,2)

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Editorial 3
Heatwave reveals ancient trading centre by Zoom Rockman 6
Chairpiece: by Steve Davis 7
AARG notices: Derrick Riley Bursary / ISAP Fund / Information for contributors 9
Aerial archaeology in Denmark summer 2018 by Lis Helles Olesen 10
Historic England Flying Summer 2018 by Damian Grady 13
The Netherlands by Willy Metz (in collaboration with drs. Rob de Vrind) 16
UAV investigations of a Pictish cemetery at Tarradale, Ross-shire, Scotland by Andy Hickie 21
Notes about ‘Britain by Drone: Heatwave Special’ by Rog Palmer 24
Resolving some spatial resolution issues – Part 1: Between line pairs and sampling distance by Geert Verhoeven 26
Cropmarks 36
Books and papers of interest? 39
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student scholarships 45
A selection of posters from AARG 2018 46-
Zuzanna Kowalczyk and Martyna Andrzejak, The crop circle mystery: Another case study of a pitfall in the air photographs interpretation.
Valeria Volpe, A centuriatio seen from above: airphotography, field surveys and archival research for detecting past landscape systems in the territory of Vibinum (Bovino, Foggia).

AARGnews 56 (2018,1)

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Editorial 3
Chairpiece: by Steve Davis 7
Preliminary notice: AARG 2018, Venice 9
Student/young researchers’ scholarships for AARG 2018 10
AARG notices: Derrick Riley Bursary / ISAP Fund / Information for contributors 11
UAVs in Context: Archaeological Airborne Recording in a National Body of Survey and Record by David C. Cowley, Charles Moriarty, George Geddes, Georgina L. Brown, Tom Wade and Caroline J. Nichol. 12
Pixels – So basic but so confusing by Geert Verhoeven 28
Sentinel‐2 tools to improve field survey planning: Methods and first experiences by Jesús García Sánchez and Cristina Charro Lobato 34
Cropmarks 42
Books and papers of interest? 44
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student scholarships 47

AARGnews 55 (2017,2)

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Editorial 3
Outgoing Chairpiece: by Rachel Opitz 7
Incoming Chairpiece: by Steve Davis 8
Preliminary notice: AARG 2018, Venice 10
Student/young researchers’ scholarships for AARG 2018 10
AARG notices: 
Derrick Riley Bursary/ISAP Fund/ Information for contributors 11
Geert’s aerial pixel corner by Geert Verhoeven 12
The reflection of two fields – electromagnetic radiation and its role in (aerial) imaging by Geert Verhoeven 13
Developing an approach to national mapping – preliminary work on Scotland in miniature by Dave Cowley and Adara López-López 19
Cropmarks 26
Books and papers of interest? 29
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student scholarships 34
A selection of posters from AARG 2017 35-
Manuel Fernández‐Götz, Felix Teichner, and Christoph Salzmann. Digital Elevation Modelling and Geophysical Surveys at the Roman Camps of Ardoch (Scotland)
Vasiliki Lysandrou and Athos Agapiou. An aerial investigation of the eastern necropolis of Nea Paphos, Cyprus
Stefania Michalopoulou. The Role of Agriculture and Pastoralism for the Cultural Formation of the Mountainous Landscape of Siteia Area, Crete (Greece): a view from the sky
Charles Moriarty. Deploying multispectral remote sensing for multitemporal analysis of archaeological crop stress at Ravenshall, Fife, Scotland
Gerald Raab and Ronny Weßling. The Iron Age hillfort settlement of Vix – Comparing historical DEMs
Manuel Fernández‐Götz, Jesús García Sánchez, José Costa García, Joao Fonte and Felix Teichner. Aerial Archaeology at Sasamón (Burgos, Spain): Iron Age Hillfort and Roman Camps
Agnes Schneider. A semi‐automatic workflow for the supervised detection of anthropogenic objects in archaeological analysis using GIS APIs and R
CHERISH series:
1 Introduction and objectives
2 Corns, A., et. al. Aerial archaeology: core to the CHERISH project
3 Corns, A., Devlin, G. and Shaw, R. Monitoring heritage in the coastal zone case study: Skellig Michael, Ireland
Lenka Starková, Karel Nováček, and Miroslav Melčák. Interactive map of the historical heritage of Mosul
Máté Szabó. Revealing invisible crop marks by DSM relief‐visualisation

AARGnews 54 (2017,1)

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Editorial 4
AARG Chairpiece: March 2017 by Rachel Opitz 7
Student/young researchers’ scholarships for AARG 2017 8
AARG 2017: First call for papers 9
AARG notices: Derrick Riley Bursary 10
Fantastic Images (and where to find them) by Davide Danelli 11
Palimpsests of medieval landscapes. A case study from Lower Silesia Region, Poland by Grzegorz Kiarszys 21
Cropmarks 37
Books of interest? 40
Maurizio Forte and Stefano Campana (eds), 2016. Digital Methods and Remote Sensing in Archaeology.
Allan S Gilbert (ed), 2017. Encylopedia of Geoarchaeology.
J Henry Fair, 2016. Industrial Scars: The Hidden Costs of Consumption.
Máté Szabó, 2016. Aerial archaeological work in Hungary in 2011.
Gianluca Cantoro, Jeremia Pelgrom and Tesse D. Stek, 2016. Reading a difficult landscape from the air. A methodological case-study from a WWII airfield in South Italy.
Łukasz Banaszek, 2015. Przeszłe krajobrazy w chmurze punktów (Past landscapes in the point cloud).
Federica Boschi, 2016. Non-destructive field evaluation in Preventive Archaeology. Looking at the current situation in Europe.
Francesco Benassi, et al, 2017. Testing Accuracy and Repeatability of UAV Blocks Oriented with GNSS-Supported Aerial Triangulation.
Christopher Stewart , 2017. Detection of Archaeological Residues in Vegetated Areas Using Satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar.
Free downloads: Council for British Archaeology, RCHME inventories, Dave Cowley publicationsPapers of interest? As yet unread 44

AARGnews 53 (2016,2)

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Editorial 4
AARG Chair Piece: September 2016 by Rachel Opitz 7
Student/young researchers’ scholarships for AARG 2016 9
AARG notices: Derrick Riley Bursary/ISAP Fund/Information for contributors 10
Finding common ground: human and computer vision in archaeological prospection by Arianna Traviglia, Dave Cowley and Karsten Lambers 11
Automated detection in remote sensing archaeology: a reading list by Karsten Lambers and Arianna Traviglia 25
The archaeological potential of declassified HEXAGON KH‐9 panoramic camera satellite photographs by Martin J. F Fowler 30
Hillshades and High Drama by Rebecca Bennett 37
Cropmarks 40
“A set of old wives’ tales”: When Nadar was a photographer. Review article by Martyn Barber 43
Recovering lost landscapes. Review article by Ioana Oltean 47
Books of interest? 49
Efstratios Stylianidis and Fabio Remondino (ed), 2016. 3D Recording, Documentation and Management of Cultural Heritage.
Birger Stichelbaut and David Cowley (ed), 2016. Conflict Landscapes and Archaeology from Above.
Dimitris Kaimaris and Petros Patias, 2015. Systematic observation of the change of marks of known buried archaeological structures: case study in the Plain of Philippi, Eastern Macedonia, Greece.
W. Ostrowski and K. Hanus, 2016. Budget UAV systems for the prospection of small and medium‐scale archaeological sites.
Evans, D., Airborne laser scanning as a method for exploring long‐term socio‐ecological dynamics in Cambodia.
Archaeological Prospection 2016: list of ‘aerial’ papers
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student scholarships 52

AARGnews 52 (2016,1)

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Frontispiece – Air Photographs Unit, 50th anniversary
Editorial 3
Chair(man)’s Piece by Rachel Opitz 8
Student/young researchers’ scholarships for AARG 2016 9
AARG 2016: Pilsen. First call for papers 10
AARG notices: Derrick Riley Bursary / ISAP Fund Information for contributors / Spanish Section 11
Aerial Archaeology in Spain: out of the closet? by César Parcero-Oubiña 12
Interpreting social change from above: causewayed enclosures of Northern Spanish Plateau by Marcos García García 14
A view from the far west of Europe: Aerial Archaeology at the Merida Institute of Archaeology by Victorino Mayoral Herrera 24
Aerial survey of the Ager Segisamonensis: a Roman landscape revisited (Sasamón, Spain) by Jesús García Sánchez 34
Roman military settlements in the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. The contribution of historical and modern aerial photography, satellite imagery and airborne LiDAR by José Manuel Costa García, João Fonte, Andrés Menéndez Blanco, David González Álvarez, Manuel Gago Mariño, Rebeca Blanco‐Rotea and Valentín Álvarez Martínez 43
Invisible medieval villages: Aerial Research in Alava (Basque Country, Spain) by François Didierjean and Juan Antonio Quirós Castillo 52
Remote Sensing within Swedish Archaeology by Daniel Langhammer 60
An archaeological flight further than post‐processualism – seeking a non‐anthropocentric perspective by Mikołaj Kostyrko, Kornelia Kajda, Dawid Kobiałka and Dimitrij Mlekuž 71
Making hidden components of past landscapes interpretable: from air photos to structured records by Martin Gojda and Lucie Čulíková 80
A KH-9 satellite photograph of Soviet‐era landscape graffiti by Martin J F Fowler 87
Cropmarks 90
Review articles:
Toby Driver: Understanding Roman Frontiers, A Celebration for Professor Bill Hanson. Edited by David J. Breeze, Rebecca H. Jones and Ioana A. Oltean 92
Rog Palmer: Detecting and Understanding Historic Landscapes. Edited by Alexandra Chavarría Arnau and Andrew Reynolds 94
Books of interest? 97
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student scholarships 99

AARGnews 51 (2015,2)

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Frontispiece – ArcLand exhibition poster, Ljubljana 3
Editorial 4
Chair(man)’s Piece by Rachel Opitz 8
AARG notices: Derrick Riley Bursary/ISAP Fund/Information for contributors 10
AARG’s Flying Circus by Rog Palmer 11
Location of hillfort culture settlements by means of aerial archaeology in the municipality of Carral, Galicia by Pablo Fernández Ans, Marta Molina Huelva, Ángela Barrios Padura 14
A story about one shot from three thousand five hundred by Eugen S. Teodor, Carmen C. Bem, Dan Ştefan 25
Crawford in 3‐D: the stereoscope in early aerial archaeology by Martyn Barber 32
Flying review 2015 by Various Authors 48
Book notice: Luftfotoarkæologi i Danmark (Aerial Archaeology in Denmark) by Lis Helles Olesen and Esben Schlosser Mauritsen 51
Cropmarks 52
Books of interest? 55
Michael Doneus, et al, 2015. Airborne laser bathymetry for documentation of submerged archaeological sites in shallow water.
Miguel A. Bernabé‐Poveda et al, 2011. Techniques for highlighting relief on orthoimagery.
Rosa Lasaponara et al (ed), 2013. Earth observation: a window on the past. Proceedings of the 4th EARSeL Workshop
Axel G. Posluschny (ed), 2015. Sensing the Past: Contributions from the ArcLand Conference on Remote Sensing for Archaeology.
A. Chavarria & A. Reynolds (ed) 2015. Detecting and Understanding Historical Landscapes
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student bursaries 57

AARGnews 50 (2015,1)

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Editorial 3
Chair(man)’s Piece by Rachel Opitz 6
AARG 2015, Santiago de Compostela. First call for papers and scholarship information 8
Assessing Archive Stereo-Aerial Photographs for Reconstructing Archaeological Earthworks by Heather Papworth, Andy Ford, Kate Welham & David Thackray 10
Exploiting the Obsession of Detail: the Benefits of Developing Aerial Archaeology by Olivia Mavrinac 23
A workflow for (Semi) automatic extraction of roads and paths in forested areas from Airborne Laser Scan data by Willem. F. Vletter 33
Seeing, thinking, walking: a report on the LiDAR visualization and interpretation workshop 2014, Esslingen, Germany by Mikolaj Kostyrko 41
Notes on “Sensing the Past – New Approaches to European Landscapes” by Rachel Opitz 44
ArchaeoLandscapes International – coming soon! by Dave Cowley, Rachel Opitz, Axel Posluschny and Armin Schmidt 46
Santiago Tales from your Committee 49
AARG notices: Derrick Riley Bursary & Information for contributors 51
Cropmarks 52
Books of interest? 56
Eric Schmidt, 1940. Flights over Ancient Iran Archaeological monographs from English Heritage
N. Gilmour, S. Horlock, R. Mortimer and S. Tremlett, 2014. Middle Bronze Age enclosures in the Norfolk Broads: a case study at Ormesby St Michael, England
Z. Czajlik, S. Berecki and L. Rupnik, 2014. Aerial Geoarchaeological Survey in the Valleys of the Mures and Aries Rivers (2009-2013)
S. Berecki, Z. Czajlik and Z. Soós, (eds.), 2012. Historical landscapes. Aerial Photographs of Transylvanian Archaeological Sites and Monuments, Catalogi Mvsei Marisiensis, Seria Archaeologica I.
Archaeological Data Service, 2014. Guides for using Drones
R. Qin, A. Gruen and C.S. Fraser, 2014. Quality Assessment of Image Matchers for DSM Generation – A Comparative Study Based on UAV Images
G. Verhoeven, W. Karel, S. Štuhec, M. Doneus, I. Trinks and N. Pfeifer, 2015. Mind your grey tones – examining the influence of decolourization methods on interest point extraction and matching for architectural image-based modelling 
C.H. Roosevelt, 2014. Mapping site-level microtopography with Real-Time Kinematic Global Navigation Satellite Systems and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Photogrammetry 
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student bursaries 58

AARGnews 49 (2014,2)

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Editorial 3
Oscar’s last AARG Chairman’s Piece:  7
Oldie but goodie. Patterns, Processes and Understanding: Historic aerial photographs for landscape studies, 24-26th April 2014, Bedlewo, Poland by Adam Loks 9
AARG notices: Derrick Riley Bursary
Information for contributors 12
Cropmarks 13
Review article by Cathy Stoertz: Flights into the Past 16
Review article by Wlodek Raczkowski: Seeing from Above 18
Books of interest? 22
Rebecca Bennett, Dave Cowley & Véronique De Laet, 2014.  The data explosion: tackling the taboo of automatic feature recognition in airborne survey data. 
Juan Antonio Pérez, Francisco Manuel Bascon and María Cristina Charro, 2014.  Photogrammetric usage of 1956-57 USAF aerial photography of Spain. 
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student bursaries 24

AARGnews 48 (2014,1)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece: The contribution of aerial techniques to archaeology by Oscar Aldred 6
AARG 2014, Dublin. First call for papers 8
AARG Vacancies: Chairman, Vice‐Chairman & Honorary Secretary; Derrick Riley Bursary; Information for contributors 9
A Farewell to Ivan Kuzma by Martin Gojda 10
Forthcoming: 5th International Conference on Remote Sensing in Archaeology 12
AARG 2013 Debate Session: Touching images: thinking thorough textures by Dimitrij Mlekuž 13
Between the eye and the mind. Technology, cognition and knowledge development – eye‐tracking study report by Tomasz Michalik 24
Workshop project reports: Gradina – detecting variability and diversity by Neda Ocelić, Jasna Jurković, Natalija Miklavčič, Iva Perković, Suzana Puhar 35
Can you catch a shepherd from an airplane? Interpreting aerial photographs of Bukovica
by Filomena Sirovica, Mario Bodružić, Ivan Huljev, Iva Perinić and Ante Purušić 44
Workshop reports: From point cloud to Local Relief Model: a report and case study from the “LiDAR – innovative technology for archaeology” training school in Poznań, Poland by Mikołaj Kostyrko 51
“In one week learn how to prepare and fly your drone to survey in 3D your Cultural Heritage” by Nina Heiska 58
Cropmarks 62
Books of interest? 63
Martin Gojda and Jan John (eds). 2013. Archeologie a letecké laserové  skenování  krajiny  (Archaeology and airborne laser scanning of the landscape).
Sándor Berecki, Zoltán Czajlik, László Rupnik, 2013. Aerial archaeological prospection on the middle course of the Mureş river and adjacent areas.
Chris Musson. 2013. Radnorshire from Above: images of landscape and archaeology.
C. Corsi et al. (eds.). 2013. Good Practice in Archaeological Diagnostics: non‐invasive Survey of Complex Archaeological Sites.
Jared Schuettera, et al. 2013. Autodetection of ancient Arabian tombs in high‐resolution satellite imagery.
A Celebration of 50 years of The British Cartographic Society. 2013.
The Buildings Book 2014 (by The Geoinformation Group).
Hans Kamermans et al. (eds). 2014. A Sense of the Past: Studies in current archaeological applications of remote sensing and non‐invasive prospection methods.
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student bursaries 67

AARGNews 47 (2013,2)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Oscar Aldred 6
Anniversary Reflections from a Founder Member by Cathy Stoertz 8
Non-invasive Archaeological Training School in Pécs, Hungary: Remote sensing from sky and ground by Mikolaj Kostyrko and Adam Loks 13
Traces of the Past Exhibition Opens in Dublin by Rob Shaw 17
Google Earth: Improving Mapping Accuracy by Irwin Scollar 19
4G (GeoSetter, GoogleEarth, Geoportal, GIS): or a new dimension in the use of spatial data by Lidka Zuk 28
Stereo photography for airborne observers by Rog Palmer 39
Roger Agache 1926 – 2011 by Irwin Scollar 45
Forthcoming workshop; Information for AARGnews contributors 48
Cropmarks 49
Books of interest? 53
Rachel Opitz and Steve Davis. What Next? Aerial Archaeology as Landscape Archaeology.
Roland Linck. Analysis of Umayyad desert fortresses in the Near East by Declassified CORONA satellite images.
Archaeological Prospection Vol 20, Issue 2 (April/June 2013)
Blog of interest?
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student bursaries 54

AARGnews 46 (2013,1)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Oscar Aldred 6

AARG 2013, Amersfoort 9
Interpreting Archaeological Topography: blurb + ordering information 10
YAARG – an open working party of AARG by Johanna Dreßler and Oscar Aldred 12
Forthcoming conference; Workshop; Information for contributors 14
Aerial Archaeology Workshop in Doha, Qatar: February 10-14 2013 by Bob Bewley, David Kennedy and Wlodek Raczkowski 15
What do you see here? Review of Archaeology from Aerial Photographs, an International Workshop at Bamberg, Germany by Marko Barišic and Alexander Veling 19
53 years of technical progress in aerial archaeology 1960-2013: a cursus at Karden Kreis Cochem, Germany by Irwin Scollar and Otto Braasch 22
A geoarchaeologist’s view of aerial archaeology by David Jordan 29
Integrating magnetometer surveys and oblique aerial photographs by Jörg Fassbinder 37
Musings on a past and future for AARG? by Rog Palmer 42
Cropmarks 50
Review article (Roman Camps in Scotland) by Toby Driver 52
Books of interest? 55
Rebecca Bennett. Archaeological remote sensing: visualisation and analysis of grass-dominated environments using airborne laser scanning and digital spectral data. (PhD Thesis)
Martin Gojda and Martin Trefny (ed). Archeologie Krajiny pod Rípem (Archaeology in the Landscape around the Hill of Ríp)
Michael Doneus, Christian Gugl and Nives Doneus, 2013. Die Canabae von Carnuntum – eine Modellstudie der Erforschung römischer Lagervorstädte Von der
Luftbildprospektion zur siedlungsarchäologischen Synthese

Lis Helles Olesen and Kira Jørstad Klinkby. Frededefortidsminder  fra  luften:  muligheder  for  egistrering  fra luften
Hanson, W.S and Oltean, I.A. (ed). Archaeology from Historical Aerial and Satellite Archives
Comer, D.C. and Harrower, M.J. (ed). Mapping Archaeological Landscapes from Space
Alexandra Cordier. Archéologie aérienne en Côte-d’Or en 2011: les aléas d’une sécheresse précoce.Revue Archéologique de l’Est, t.61 (2012), 371-383
Plus shorter notices….
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student bursaries 60

AARGnews 45 (2012,2)

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Frontispiece: London Olympics 2012 by Otto Braasch 2
Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Oscar Aldred 6
Aerial Archaeology course, Czech Republic, 18-23 June 2012 by Lucie Culikova 9
A picture is worth a thousand words…at least at the Aerial Archaeology Training School in Merida! by Cristina Charro Lobato 11
Report on summer school of “Potential of satellite images and hyper-/multispectral recording in archaeology” 30th July – 3rd August 2012 by Jitka Jizerova 14
First Aerial Archaeology Research and Training School in Turkey 20 – 30th July 2012 a.k.a. No Sick Bag For You by Marko Cekovic 17
Forthcoming workshop and conferences 19
Four photos taken from a balloon over Berlin in the infancy of aerial photography by Ole Risbøl and Susanne Kaun 20

Things on strings and complex computer algorithms: Kite Aerial Photography and Structure from Motion Photogrammetry at the Tulul adh-Dhahab, Jordan by Jochen Reinhard 37
What a difference a year makes: preliminary DART datasets from Cherry Copse, Cirencester by R. Fry, D. Stott, D. Boddice and A. R. Beck 42
Pickering’s packages: some thoughts on cursus monuments by Kenneth Brophy 48
Aerial reconnaissance of maritime landscapes in Scotland – some preliminary observations on context, methodology and results by Dave Cowley, Jonathan Benjamin and Colin Martin 64
Aerial Archaeology in Jordan 2010-2012 by Bob Bewley, David Kennedy, Rebecca Banks and Mat Dalton 74
Cropmarks 82
Information for contributors 83
Review article (Historic Wales from the Air) by Oscar Aldred 84
Books of interest? 86
Rebecca Bennett, Kate Welham, Ross A. Hill and Andrew Ford. A Comparison of Visualization Techniques for Models Created from Airborne Laser Scanned Data
Arne Ramisch, Wiebke Bebermeier, Kai Hartmann, Brigitta Schütt, Nicole Alexanian. Fractals in topography: Application to geoarchaeological studies in the surroundings of the necropolis of Dahshur, Egypt
David L. Kennedy. Pioneers above Jordan: revealing a prehistoric landscape
David C. Cowley and Birger B. Stichelbaut. Historic Aerial Photographic Archives for European Archaeology
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student bursaries 88

AARGNews 44 (2012,1)

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Editorial 2
Chairman’s Piece by Oscar Aldred 5
AARG 2012: Budapest, Hungary: First call for papers 7
Computer vision techniques: towards automated orthophoto production by G. Verhoeven, M. Doneus and Ch. Briese 8
Georeferenced Orthophotos and DTMs from Multiple Oblique Images by Irwin Scollar and Daniel Giradeau-Montaut 12
Fast and automated image rectification with a small (free) software by Gianluca Cantoro 18
Messy Landscapes Manifesto by Dimitrij Mlekuž 22
A review of the CORONA Atlas of the Middle East (Beta) by Martin J F Fowler 24
The role of aerial photographs in monitoring change and managing ancient monuments: a case study from Scotland by Aelfwynn Freer 30
AARG News 35
Young AARG by Johanna Dreßler and Vedrana Glavaš 36
Workshops, forthcoming, etc 37
Cropmarks 41
A book review (A View from the Air) and some observations on publication by Dave Cowley 45
Books of interest? 49
Martyn Barber. A History of Aerial Photography and Archaeology: Mata Hari’s glass eye and other stories.
J. Henry Fair. The Day after Tomorrow: Images of our Earth in crisis.
Verhoeven, G. and Doneus, M., 2011. Balancing on the Borderline – a Low-cost Approach to Visualize the Red-edge Shift for the Benefit of Aerial Archaeology.
M. J. F. Fowler. Modelling the acquisition times of CORONA satellite photographs: accuracy and application.
M. J. F. Fowler. Declassified intelligence satellite photographs and the archaeology of Moscow’s Cold War anti-ballistic missile system.
L. Helles Olesen, H. Dupont, C. Dam. Luftfotos over Danmark: luftfotoserier I private og offentlige arkiver.
Papers from past CPIA symposia
Helen Wickstead and Martyn Barber. A Spectacular History of Survey by Flying Machine!
Allan Williams. Above Wartime Europe: The Top Secret Aerial Photographs of World War Two.
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student bursaries 54

AARGnews 43 (2011,2)

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Editorial 2
Chairman’s Piece by Włodek Rączkowski 4
Participated in AATS in Kostolac and lived to tell by Miroslav Birclin 8
Group photos from the training schools at Kostolac, Serbia and Velling, Denmark 11
Aerial Archaeology Training School, Denmark, 2-8 July 2011 by Lis Helles Olesen, Pete Horne, Chris Musson 12
A flying tablet PC: developments in digital flying maps for aerial survey at RCAHMS by Kevin H.J. Macleod and Dave C. Cowley 15
Calibrating GeoPortal Maps and Orthophotos by Irwin Scollar 20
Problems of reconnaissance of the karst landscape – an example of the northern sub-Velebit littoral, Croatia by Vedrana Glavaš 24
News from New Zealand by Kevin Jones 30
Flying in a Rainy Spring: Romanian Surveys in 2011 by Irina Oberländer-Târnoveanu and Carmen Bem 33
Cropmarks 2011 in Poland – is there a need for further discussion? by Włodek Rączkowski 37
bq. (with an Editor’s note) 42
Happy Lands Enclosure at Wiggold, Ampney Crucis, Gloucestershire by Bob Bewley and Tim Darvill 43
Comments on flying, observations and photographs, 2011 by Numerous Authors 44
Air Photo Services is 21 by Rog Palmer and Chris Cox 50
The English Landscapes and Identities Project press release from Lucy Palmer 51
Information, summer workshop 52
High-flyers of tomorrow: teaching young archaeologists by Tara-Jane Sutcliffe 53
Cropmarks 55
Book (etc) of interest? 56
Caroline Ingle and Helen Saunders. Aerial Archaeology in Essex: the role of the National Mapping Programme in interpreting the landscape.
Toby Driver. Seen from the air – the story of Wales.
Dave Cowley and Colin Martin. Coastal Command: surveying Scotland’s maritime superhighway.
Martyn Barber. Flying, pigs and Stonehenge.
Alastair Oswald and Matt Oakey. Putting the prehistory of the North Pennines on the map.
Crop evapotranspiration – Guidelines for computing crop water requirements
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student bursaries 57
PS – CUCAP reopens 58

AARGnews 42 (2011,1)

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Editorial 2
Chairman’s Piece 4
AARG 2011. Call for papers, dates and information 9
AARG 2010 Conference, Bucharest, Romania by Rob Fry, David Stott, Laura Pring and Dan Boddice 10
Archaeological remote sensing and geophysics: Munster 2010: Conference review by Johanna Dreßler 12
New legs for a long-term pursuit by Chris Musson, for the ArchaeoLandscapes Europe Project (ArcLAND) 16
Aerial archaeological substantiation of a Roman cadastre system’s predictive model by András Bödőcs 20
An EPPIC Odyssey into Aerial Archaeology by Tara-Jane Sutcliffe 29
Information, conference, summer schools, workshop 34
Cropmarks 37
Book Review by Irwin Scollar – Neubauer et al, Mittelneolithische Kreisgrabenanlagen in Niederösterreich 39
Books of interest? 41
Ian Roberts with Alison Deegan and David Berg. Understanding the Cropmark Landscapes of the Magnesian Limestone.
Klára Kuzmová (ed). Klasická archeológia a exaktné vedy, výskumné metódy a techniky II. 2. (Ivan Kuzma) Letecká archeológia
Rebecca M Bailey, James Crawford and Alan Williams. Above Scotland Cities
David Kennedy and M.C. Bishop. Google Earth and the Archaeology of Saudi Arabia: a case study from the Jeddah area
David C Cowley (ed.). Remote Sensing for Archaeological Heritage Management
Stephen Trow, Vincent Holyoak and Emmet Byrnes (eds.). Heritage Management of Farmed and Forested Landscapes in Europe
Jörg Bofinger and Dirk Krausse (eds). Aktuelle Forschungen zu den Kelten in Europa: Festkolloquium für Landeskonservator Jörg Biel
The London Journal: a themed issue containing some papers given at a seminar called Eyes Over London: Re-imagining the Metropolis in the Age of Aerial Vision EH NMP Reports
Martin Gojda (ed). Studie k Dálkovému Pruzkumu v Archeologii
Ali Madan Al-Ali. Spatial analysis about the archaeological sites in Wadi Alghayran of the Rub’ Al-Khali desert
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student bursaries 44

AARGnews 41 (2010,2)

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A rather lengthy editorial 2
Chairman’s Piece: Changing Perspectives by Wlodek Raczkowski 7
LBI for Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology by Michael Doneus and Wolfgang Neubauer 11
A 35 years old exhibition catalogue rediscovered: The Catalogue of the “Aerial Archaeology” Exhibition in Bucharest, with a foreword by Dr Irwin Scollar by Irina Oberländer-Târnoveanu 12
Aerial Archaeology in Jordan 2010: a brief up-date by Bob Bewley, David Kennedy, Francesca Radcliffe, Karen Henderson and Stafford Smith 13
The first space photographs and the origins of satellite archaeology by Martin J F Fowler 25
Flying review 2010
Flying in Denmark summer 2010 by Lis Helles Olesen 39
Summer 2010 England by Damian Grady, Dave Macleod, Pete Horne 40
Reconnaissance in Muntenia/Oltenia/SE Transylvania, Romania, 2010 by Bill Hanson and Ioana Oltean 41
Scotland by Dave Cowley and Kevin Macleod 42
Frustrations of Flying in NE Scotland by Moira Greig 43
Information, adverts, etc 44
Cropmarks 45
Books of interest? 47
Rog Palmer, Irina Oberländer-Târnoveanu and Carmen Bem. Arheologie aeriană. În România şi Europa
Kevin L. Jones. Nga Tohuwhenua Mai Te Rangi: A New Zealand Archaeology in Aerial Photographs
Verhoeven, G. It’s All about the Format – Unleashing the Power of RAW Aerial Photography
Verhoeven, G. and Schmitt, K. An Attempt to Push Back Frontiers – Digital Near- UltraViolet Aerial Archaeology
Simon Crutchley. The Light Fantastic: using airborne lidar in archaeological survey
Stefano Campana, Maurizio Forte and Claudia Liuzza. Space, Time, Place Third International Conference on Remote Sensing in Archaeology, 17th-21st August 2009, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India
Helvetia Archaeologica volume 125/126: Luftbildarchäologie
David Cowley, Robin Standring and Matthew Abicht. Landscape through the Lens: aerial photographs and Historic environment
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student bursaries 51

AARGnews 40 (2010,1)

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Editorial 2

Photo Offerings 4
Chairman’s Piece by Wlodek Raczkowski 5
AARG 2010, Bucharest – info and call for papers 9
ArchaeoLandscapes Europe: a new European project for aerial archaeology, remote sensing and landscape conservation by Chris Musson (Development Officer, AARG) 10
The DART project: Developing the roadmap for archaeological remote sensing in the 21st century by Anthony Beck 15
‘Gone with the Wind’ Aerial Photography of Bâtiment Pi, Malia, Crete (Bronze Age) by Christophe Gaston, Thibaut Gomrée, Maia Pomadère 17
Ultima Thule – recent aerial survey of Orkney, Scotland by Dave Cowley 25
Information, adverts, etc 36
Cropmarks 37
Books of interest? 38
Birger Stichelbaut. World War One aerial photography: an archaeological perspective.
Martin Fowler. Corona mission declassified.
Colin Haselgrove (ed). The Traprain Law Environs Project: fieldwork and excavations, 2000-2004.
T.A. Warner, M.D. Nellis and G.M. Foody. The SAGE Handbook of Remote Sensing.
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student bursaries 39

AARGnews 39 (2009,2)

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Editorial 2
Why interpretation?: Chairman’s Piece by Wlodek Raczkowski  5
Archaeological Prospecting Using High-Resolution Digital Satellite Imagery: Recent Advances and Future Prospects – A Session Held at the Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA) Conference, Williamsburg, USA, March 2009 by V. De Laet and K. Lambers 9
Finding burial mounds from space: automatic detection of circular soil marks and crop marks in QuickBird imagery of agricultural land in south-east Norway by Øivind Due Trier, Siri Øyen Larsen and Rune Solberg 18
Inspiring Google Earth Precise Positioning by Irwin Scollar 25
Using the results of the National Mapping Programme in England: some examples from Shropshire by Andy Wigley 32
Aerial Archaeology and Remote Sensing in Indian Archaeological Research by Manjil Hazarika 36
Cropmarks 38
Archaeological Prospection and Remote Sensing: Standing the test of time? Review article by Anthony Beck 39
Other books of interest? 42
Peter Halkon. Archaeology and Environment in a Changing East Yorkshire Landscape: The Foulness Valley c. 800 BC to c. AD 400
Sarah H Parcak. Satellite Remote Sensing for Archaeology
Information for contributors 43
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student bursaries 44

AARGnews 38 (2009,1)

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Editorial 2
In the shadow of crisis: Chairman’s Piece 5

AARG 2009 Siena 9
The role of efficiency in aerial archaeological research of Hungary by Zoltán Czajlik 10
GIS-based analysis of aerial photography, soils and landuse by Johanna Dreßler 18
Recording Landscape and Urban Area Modification:
an example from Southern Italy by Pierfrancesco Rescio 25
Small but Perfectly Functional – Quadrocopters and Archaeological Recording by Graeme J Collie, Mike Smith, Ian Black 31
Aerial archaeologists’ meeting at Mainz, Germany by Johanna Dreßler 41
Information for contributors 41
Review article. The influence of aerial photography on the artworks of Kate Whiteford by Sarah Horlock 42
Other books of interest? 46
Juris Urtāns. Augšzemes Ezeri: arheoloğija un folklore [Lakes of Augšzemes: archaeology and folklore]

Stefano Campana and Salvatore Piro. Seeing the Unseen. Geophysics and Landscape Archaeology
Birger Stichelbaut, Jean Bourgeois, Nicholas Saunders and Piet Chielens (eds). Images of Conflict: Military Aerial Photography and Archaeology
Peter Halkon. Archaeology and Environment in a Changing East Yorkshire Landscape: The Foulness Valley c. 800 BC to c. AD 400
Cropmarks 49
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student bursaries 50

AARGnews 37 (2008,2)

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Editorial 2
Information for contributors 5
Chairman’s Piece 6
The AARG Archives Working Group by Robin Standring, Matt Abicht and Dave Cowley on behalf of the AARG committee 10
The Centre for Aerial Archaeology, Department of Archaeology, University of Glasgow by W S Hanson 12
Using Google Earth Imagery by Irwin Scollar and Rog Palmer 15
The Archaeological Sites of Afghanistan in Google Earth by David C. Thomas, Fiona J. Kidd, Suzanna Nikolovski and Claudia Zipfel 22
Towards more efficient aerial survey: notes on flying maps by Dave C Cowley and Kevin H J Macleod 31
Not roman Centuriation but Greek Chora (land division): discovered from the air – ‘rectified’ by subsequent ground survey by Francesca Radcliffe 37
Mostiştea River Project, Romania, 2008 by Rog Palmer 40
Digging cropmarks: the Forteviot cropmark complex, Perthshire, Scotland by Kenneth Brophy 42
Advertisement: Mapping Ancient Landscapes in Northamptonshire 47
Cropmarks 48
Book of interest? 49
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student bursaries 55

AARGnews 36 (2008,1)

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Editorial 2
Chairman’s Piece 5
AARG 2008, Ljubljana – outline of sessions & a call for papers 8
Report on the AARG Conference, Copenhagen 2007 by Johannes Heinzel 9
The demise of NAPLIB 10
A beginner’s guide to transformation programs compiled by Irwin Scollar et al 11
Locally Adaptive Tone Mapping for Colour and Exposure Error Correction by Irwin Scollar 19
Planning for your next computer disaster by Irwin Scollar 31
Military trenches or Ancient Fortification Constructions? by D. Kaimaris, O. Georgoula, G. Karadedos and P. Patias 33
Short report: Fli-map 400 LiDAR system by Anthony Corns, Robert Shaw 42
Book of interest? 47
Erasmus programme 48
Erasmus Student Placement Programme 2007/08 – facts and thoughts from the student’s point of view by Ania Sokołowska 49
The Aerial Reconnaissance Archives (TARA) by Lesley Ferguson 50
The Aerofilms Collection by Katy Whitaker 51
Information for contributors 51
New websites: Cornwall HERNMP and RCAHMW 52
Cropmarks 53
AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student bursaries 54

AARGnews 35 (2007,2)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece – September 2007 by Dave Cowley 5
Sputnik at fifty: the archaeological legacy of the world’s first artificial satellite by Martin J F Fowler 7
Flying to the past in Nord-Trøndelag by Lars Forseth 18
The Archaeology of a Forgotten Landscape. Air survey and landscape archaeology in County Durham by Richard Hewitt, Gemma Pallant and Sally Radford 24
Aerial Archaeology, Computer Visualisation and Past Landscapes: an international workshop 33
Why don’t you write something about the last Summer School in Foggia? by Gianluca Cantoro 34
The first aerial archaeology workshop in Jordan, April 14-16, 2007 by Bob Bewley, David Kennedy and Francesca Radcliffe 36
Workshop in Jordan – a view from the floor by Robin Standring 39
Warsztaty Archeologii Lotniczej: Poznań – 29 April to 5 May 2007 by Rog Palmer & Włodek Rączkowski 41
Culture 2000: APILS Workshop: Poznań, Poland: 6 to 11 August 2007 by Rog Palmer and Włodek Rączkowski 42
Cropmarks 44
Books of interest? 45

Cain Hegarty and Sarah Newsome. Suffolk’s Defended Shore: Coastal Fortifications from the Air.
Fabrice Denise and Lévon Nordighian (ed). Une aventure archéologique : Antoine Poidebard, photographe et aviateur..
Kitty Hauser. Shadow Sites. Photography, Archaeology, and the British Landscape 1927-1955.
Tim Newark. Camouflage.
Alan Crossley, Tom Hassall and Peter Salway (ed). William Morris’s Kelmscott: landscape and history.
Hadrian Cook and Tom Williamson (ed). Water Meadows: history, ecology and conservation.
List of Contributors 50

AARGnews 34 (2007,1)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Dave Cowley 5

Treasurer’s note by Helen Winton 8
Call for papers: AARG 2007: Copenhagen 9
Annual Meeting of AARG: 10th – 13th September 2007: (Lesson of juggling) by Aleksandra (Ola) Wilgocka 10
Terry James: a personal recollection by Chris Musson 12
The ‘AeroDat’ project – 21st century archaeological aerial survey by Patrick Nagy and Ulrich Schenther 14
Access Grid Seminars by Chris Gaffney 28
Did the digital ®evolution change the concept of focal length? by Geert Verhoeven 30
Report on the XVIIth ISSA, Exploring Archaeological Landscapes 27 November – 1 December 2006, Rocca San Silvestro, Tuscany by Benjamin N. Vis 36
From Heavens Above: European Cultural Landscapes Revealed By Aerial Archaeology. Seminar Schwerin (Germany), 29th-31st January 2007 by Susanne Gerhard 38
Digital AARGnews? by Rog Palmer for the AARG Committee 41
Cropmarks 42
Book news and offer: Populating Clay Landscapes 43
Books of interest? 44

Francesca Franchin Radcliffe. Paesaggi sepolti in Daunia: John Bradford e la ricerca archeologica dal cielo, 1945/1957.
Michael Doneus and Christian Briese. Full-waveform airborne laser scanning as a tool for archaeological reconnaissance.
Rosa Lasaponara and Nicola Masini. On the potential of QuickBird Data for archaeological prospection.
Toby Driver. Pembrokeshire: historic landscapes from the air.
Richard Jones & Mark Page. Medieval Villages in an English Landscape, Beginnings and Ends.
Sam Turner (ed). Medieval Devon and Cornwall: Shaping an Ancient Countryside.
List of Contributors 50

AARGnews 33 (2006,2)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Dave Cowley 7

Bringing Air and Water Together. Training School in Aerial Archaeology, Barth, Germany, 1-5 May 2006 by Susanne Gerhard 10
Aerial Archaeology Training Course, 1-9 July 2006, Cirencester, England by Alma Ziemele 16
It is time to have some Membership Rules! by Cinzia Bacilieri (AARG Hon Sec) 18
Contextualising the cropmark record: the timber monuments of the Neolithic of Scotland by Kirsty Millican 19
Using GPS with Digital Cameras by Michael Doneus and Irwin Scollar 28
Forthcoming events 33
Modelling the acquisition times of CORONA KH-4B satellite photographs by Martin Fowler 34
A good year for cropmarks in Wales by Toby Driver 40
Soilmarks 27, 43
Books of interest? 24

Zbigniew Kobylinski. Archaologia lotnicza w Polsce
Jacek Nowakowski, Andrzej Prinke and Wlodzimierz Raczkowski. Biskupin… i co dalej? [Biskupin … and what next? Aerial photographs in Polish archaeology]
Rosa Lasaponara and Nicola Masini. On the potential of QuickBird data for archaeological prospection.
List of Contributors 46

AARGnews 32 (2006,1)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Dave Cowley 6

A career in AARG? (job ads) 9
AARG 2006 Bath, UK – call for papers 10
Other forthcoming events 11, 29
Digital Jottings by Gwil Owen 12
Seminar on aerial archaeology in Ireland by Ian Doyle 17
Honorary membership for Chris Musson MBE by Toby Driver 20
Colour correction and colour cast reduction by Irwin Scollar 21
Your help wanted by Anthony Crawshaw 29
Signposts for GX – looking for prints by Chris Going 30
Soilmarks 32
Books of interest? 24
Program of the Second Round Table on Archaeology and Geoinformatics.
Jean Bourgeois and Marc Megnack (ed). Aerial Photography and Archaeology 2003: a century of information.
David C Cowley and Simon M D Gilmour. Aerial survey in Scotland 2003. Discovery from the air: a pit-defined cursus monument in Fife.
Otto Braasch. Vom heiteren Himmell …. Luftbildarchäologie.
Research News: newsletter of the English Heritage Research Department
Arzu Çöltekin, Foveation for 3D Visualization and Stereo Imaging Lee Ullmann and Yuri Gorokhovich. Google Earth and some practical applications for the field of archaeology. RCAHMW. Report 2005-2005.
Toby Driver. Seeing Wales from a Cessna
List of Contributors 37

AARGnews 31 (2005,2)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Toby Driver 5
J. S. P. Bradford 1918-1975 by Francesca Radcliffe 9

Aerial archaeology above the tree line by Michael Doneus and Katharina Rebay 17
Book news: From the Air: understanding aerial archaeology 26
From hermetic circle to hermeneutic spiral and beyond? Some remarks on the potential of TAARG by Lidka Zuk 27
In what sense is ‘Illustration’ a prime use of airphotographs? by David Wilson 32
Forthcoming meeting: Populating Clay Landscapes 33
An evaluation of scanned CORONA intelligence satellite photography by Martin Fowler 34
Google Maps by Rog Palmer 38
Cropmarks 40
Books of interest? 41
Martin Gojda (ed). Ancient Landscape, Settlement Dynamics and Non-Destructive Archaeology: Czech research project 1997-2002.

List of Contributors 43

AARGnews 30 (2005,1)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Toby Driver 6
AARG 2005: call for papers 7
Culture 2000: Helsinki, October 2004 8
Stonehenge from the air in 1900: the ballooning adventures of the Reverend John McKenzie Bacon by Martyn Barber 9
AARG special one-day meeting. Populating Clay Landscapes: Recent advances in archaeology on difficult soils 17
Aerial survey of abandoned agricultural fields in the ancient Tibetan kingdom of Guge: recent findings from 2-foot resolution QuickBird imagery of Bedongpo and environs by Karl E Ryavec 18
Radial distortion correction by Irwin Scollar 26
Indexing vertical aerial photograph collections: an introduction to www.airphotofinder.com by Peter McKeague 28
Cropmarks 31
Cropmarx at the Theoretical Archaeology Group: a review by Tessa Poller and Rebecca Jones 32
Cropmarks 33
A Chinese trail: some remarks on the International Conference on Remote Sensing Archaeology in Beijing, China (18-21.10.2004) by Wlodek Raczkowski and Martin Gojda 34
The AARG committee 38
List of Contributors 40

AARGnews 29 (2004,2)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Toby Driver 6
Dusty treasure: thoughts on a visit to The Aerial Reconnaissance Archives at Keele University (UK) by Wlodek Raczkowski 9
Cropmarks 12
Stories from the seaside: the results of coastal NMP in Suffolk by Sarah Newsome and Cain Hegarty 13
The rescue of the Po Valley and discovery of a local Indiana Jones by Cinzia Bacilieri 20
Books of interest? 24
W.S Hanson and Ioana A Oltean. ‘The identification of Roman buildings from the air: recent discoveries in Western Transylvania’. Archaeological Prospection 10 (2003), 101-117.
Ioana A Oltean. ‘Rural settlement in Roman Dacia: some considerations’. In W S Hanson and I P Hayes (ed) Roman Dacia: the making of a provincial society. Portsmouth, Rhode Island 2004, 143-164.
Martin J F Fowler. ‘Archaeology through the keyhole: the serendipity effect of aerial reconnaissance revisited’. Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 29:2 (2004), 118-134.
List of Contributors 26

AARGnews 28 (2004,1)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Toby Driver 5
AARG 2004 7
Conferences of interest? 8
Origins and early history of AARG: a celebration of our first 21 years – and an excuse to look forward compiled by Rog Palmer with appended the original idea and letters by Paul Ashbee 9
Constitution of The Aerial Archaeology Research Group with proposed changes masterminded by Davy Strachan 18
Photographic archives and historical cartography: the case of Kyme (NA). Methodological problems and objectives by Laura Del Verme 23
Aerial Archaeology in Denmark by Lis Helles Olesen 27
The Cambridge University campaign in Denmark 1966-70 by David Wilson 35
Books of interest? 38
I.A.Oltean and W.S.Hanson. Military vici in Roman Dacia: an aerial perspective. Acta Mvsei Napocensis 38/1, 123-134.
Lech Czerniak, Wlodzimierz Raczkowski, & Wojciech Sosnowski. New prospects for the study of Early Neolithic longhouses in the Polish Lowlands. www.antiquity.ac.uk, Projects, September 2003.
Sarah Newsome, Coastal Landscapes of Suffolk during the Second World War. Landscapes (2003) 4:2, 42-58.
Georg Gerster, Archaeologische Staetten der Menschheit in 251 Flugbildern.
Jason Hawkes, The Art of Photography from the Sky.
Spatial visualisations of aerial-archaeological marks by Eckhard Heller
Cropmarks 43
List of Contributors 42
Useful reminders..? 46

AARGnews 27 (2003,2)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Toby Driver 5
AARG 2004 7
Remembrance of Miroslav Bálek († 24. 6. 2003) by Martin Godja 8
Aerial Archaeology Research School – Foggia, 2003 by Chris Musson and Cathy Stoertz 9
Aerial Archaeology on Clay Geologies by Jessica L. Mills 12
The Unknown Prekmurje – Records Of The Region’s Past From The Air by Branko Kerman 20
On the front line: a novice view. Biskupin … but what next? Aerial photographs in Polish Archaeology. May 22-24, 2003, Leszno, Poland by Lidka Zuk 22
Summer (or winter for some) flying 2003 by Many Emails 27
Aerial photography: the use of wheelbarrows by Gwil Owen 28
Wings over Armenia: April-May 2003 – report and reflection by Rog Palmer 32
Statement on priorities for European aerial archaeology by AARG Committee 35
Cropmarks 37
Books of interest? 39
Eriksen, Palle & Olesen, Lis Helles. Fortiden set fra himlen. Luftfotoarkæologi i Vestjylland [Looking at the past from the air. Aerial archaeology in western Jutland
Nigel Brown, Debbie Knopp and Davy Strachan. The archaeology of Constable Country: the crop-marks of the Stour Valley.
Gillian Barrett. Flights of discovery: archaeological air survey in Ireland 1989-2000.
Getmapping + Harper Collins Publishers. England: the photographic atlas.
Marcello Guaitoli, Lo sguardo di Icaro: le collezioni dell’Aerofototeca Nazionale per la conoscenza del territorio.
List of Contributors 42

AARGnews 26 (2003,1)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Toby Driver 5
Irwin Scollar – new AARG Honorary Member 8
Honorary Secretary’s report by Kenneth Brophy 9
The archaeological potential of declassified KH-7 and KH-9 intelligence satellite photographs by Martin J F Fowler 11
AARG 2003 17
A local stretch method for fitting old maps or non-optical images to new maps by Irwin Scollar 18
Using the local stretching function of AirPhoto 3 to correct a late-eighteenth century map of the Isle of Wight, UK by David Motkin 23
Cropmarks 29
Freeing the Skies for Air Photography by Otto Braasch, Chris Musson and Bob Bewley 31
Canterbury Tales by Jessica Mills 33
Space Applications for Heritage Conservation Strasbourg: 5-8 November 2002 by Rog Palmer 35
Armenia, Sept-October 2002 – the birth of Wings over Armenia by Rog Palmer 37
Things to do in your spare time – other forthcoming events 40
Books of interest? 41
Wlodzimierz Raczkowski. Archeologia Lotnicza – Metoda wobec teorii [Aerial Archaeology – Method in the face of theory]
Kevin Jones and Vanessa Tanner. Archaeological survey of the southern Hawke’s Bay coast from the air.
Branko Kerman. Neznano Prekmurje: zapisi preteklosti krajine iz zraka (The Unknown Prekmurje: records from the air of the past history of the region).
… and brief mention of half a dozen others.
List of Contributors 45
Grown ups’ page 46

AARGnews 25 (2002,2)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Davy Strachan 5
Honorary Secretary’s (Treasurer’s) Report by Kenneth Brophy 6
Forthcoming events 7
GIS-mounted digital historical mapping as an aid to aerial photograph interpretation: a case-study from Scotland by G J Barclay 8
Aerial survey in Italy: an update by Chris Musson and Otto Braasch 13
A flight in Ukraine by Alessandro Rizzo 15
Ten years of aerial archaeology in Bohemia: a jubilee conference by Martin Gojda 19
Computer Applications in Archaeology Conference 2002 by Chris Musson, with a little bit of assistance by Otto Braasch 21
Armenia, June 2002 – setbacks and progress by Rog Palmer 23
Internet access to air photos across Europe? by Chris Musson, writing for himself and Otto Braasch 25
Software for anaglyphs by Toby Driver and Rog Palmer 29
Cropmarks 31
Books of interest? 33
R. Christlein and Otto Braasch. Das unterirdische Bayern: 7000 Jahre Geschichte und Archaeologie im Luftbild.
Thomas J Campanella. Cities from the Sky: and aerial portrait of America.
David McOmish, David Field and Graham Brown. The Field Archaeology of the Salisbury Plain Training Area.
List of Contributors 35

AARGnews 24 (2002,1)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Davy Strachan 5
Honorary Secretary’s Report by Kenneth Brophy 7
A Bird’s Eye View of the Welsh Uplands by Toby Driver 8
The Vienna Experience by Matthew Oakey 9
Sub-Metre Resolution Satellite Imagery by Martin J. F. Fowler 11
The Map maker’s “Tower of Babel” by Irwin Scollar 14
Recording industrial buildings from the air – the case of the Brynmawr Rubber Factory by Toby Driver 26
Derrick Riley Bursary for Aerial Archaeology 32
Thinking and doing aerial photography by Kenneth Brophy 33
Aerial Research in Armenia 2001 by Rog Palmer 40
Towards digital records: notes and thoughts collected by Rog Palmer 42
Cropmarks 44
Printing photographs: a quest for acceptable quality discussed and concocted by Otto Braasch, Zbigniew Kobylinski and Rog Palmer 46
Books of interest? 52
List of Contributors

AARGnews 23 (2001,2)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Davy Strachan 5
Verticals/Obliques: seventh note by Anthony Crawshaw 6
Siena 2001 – Aerial Archaeology Research Week by Cathy Stoertz 7
Territorial study through aerial photography: the Siena 2001 experience by Federica Santagati 9
Kodak drop PhotoCD by Anthony Crawshaw 12
The Stour Valley Project, England: the archaeology of Constable Country. Part 2: discussion by D.Strachan 13
Cropmarks 28
How to get First World War APs from the Internet by Peter Haupt 29
Kite Aerial Photography in Egypt’s Western Desert by Richard Knisely-Marpole 33
Rosia 2001: no comment 38
Aerial Archaeology by Remote Controlled Micro Aircraft by Michael Schönherr 39
“The site was discovered on an aerial photograph.” Thoughts on the ‘when’ of discovery by Rog Palmer 46
Books of interest? 48

List of Contributors


AARGnews 22 (2001,1)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Davy Strachan 5
AARG Annual Meeting, September 2000: abstracts 7
Notes from a newcomer by Eleanor Stapley 27
Archaeological Prospection 2001 / AARG 2001 28
CULTURE 2000: Conservation through aerial` archaeology (CAA) 29
How safe are we in the air? by Damian Grady 30
Draft code of conduct for aerial reconnaissance 33
Whither GPS for aerial archaeology? by Anthony Crawshaw 35
Disenchantment by Jim Pickering 37
An optimistic future? by Bob Bewley 39
NATO Science Programme: Advanced Research Workshop:
Aerial Archaeology – Developing Future Practice
Leszno, Poland: 15-17 November 2000
Official summary 41
Back to Leszno: a personal view by Ioana Oltean 43
Some history of the captured German WWII photography by Anthony Crawshaw 45
Cropmarks 50
Aerial research in Armenia: prospects by Rog Palmer 51
Book of considerable interest..?
D R Wilson. Air Photo Interpretation for Archaeologists 53
Books of interest? 57
G. Lock and K. Brown (eds), 2000. On the theory and practice of archaeological computing. Oxford University Committee for Archaeology Monograph 51.
Jan Morris, 2001. Wales from the Air.
Bill Finlayson, et al, 1999. The Angus and South Aberdeen Field School of the Department of Archaeology, University of Edinburgh – research design. Tayside Fife Archaeol J 5. Conservation Bulletin 39 (December 2000). ISSN 0753-8674
Derek Edwards (photog). Norfolk from the Air, Volume 2
List of Contributors 58

AARGnews 21 (2000,2)

Back to top of page

Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Davy Strachan 7
“Obliques or Vertical?” AARG working party: sixth note 8
Archaeological Prospection 2001 9
Test of Ilford SFX 200 film by Anthony Crawshaw 11
Narrow ridge and furrow by David Hall 12
EAA Round Table on aerial survey by Bob Bewley 13
A “strike force” for Europe by Rog Palmer (Otto Braasch) 15
Using AirPhoto 1.51 by Rog Palmer 17
Recent web pages 24
Books of interest? 25
Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland. Scotland from the Air 1939-49. Volume 1. Catalogue of the Luftwaffe Photographs in the NMR.
Wolfgang Kreft. Das östliche Mitteleuropa im Historischen Luftbild Bildflüge 1942-1945 über Brandenburg, Ostpreussen, Polen, Pommern und Schlesien. Sammlungen des Herder-Instituts Zur Ostmittel Europa-Forschung 8
Revue Archeologique de Picardie No 1/2 2000
J.G.B. Haigh. Developing rectification programs for small computers. Archaeological Prospection 7
Julian D Richards et als. Cottam: an Anglian and Anglo-Scandinavian settlement on the Yorkshire Wolds. Archaeological Journal 156
List of Contributors 41

AARGnews 20 (2000,1)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Davy Strachan 6

Honorary Secretary’s Report by Toby Driver 7
AARG Annual Meeting, Bournemouth, September 1999: summaries 8
Aerial reconnaissance in England: some thoughts for the future by Damian M. Grady 15
Forthcoming events, etc 28
The Stour Valley Project, England: a cropmark landscape in three dimensions. Part 1: methodology by D. Strachan. 29
Vertical and oblique photograhs by Michael Doneus 35
New homepages by V. Arious 42
Aerial Archaeology Workshop Leszno 1998 – the view from behind by Agnieszka Dolatowska, Jolanta Goliasz and Lidka Luk 43
Mobile GIS with in-flight-GPS-Support: ‘Customizing’ Proposal for AA by Eckhard Heller 45
The Colosseum of Rome from 681 kilometres by Martin J.F. Fowler 49
Italy from the ground. Remote Sensing in Archaeology, Summer School, Universita Degli Studi di Siena, December 1999 by Toby Driver and Chris Musson 53
A bibliography of Polish aerial archaeology by P.M. Barford 57
Exhibition: ‘From the air – pictures of our common past in Europe’ by Ivan Kuzma 59
CIRA and AARG 2000 61
Image power? Review article and comment by Kevin Jones 62
Books of interest? 64
J.W.E.Fassbinder and W. Irlinger (eds). Archaeological Prospection: Third International Conference on archaeological prospection, Munich, 9-11 September 1999
R. Featherstone et 16 als. Aerial reconnaissance over England in Summer 1996. Archaeological Prospection 6
RCAHMS. Catalogue of Aerial Photographs 1994
Marilyn Bridges. Egypt antiquities from above.
Mark Bowden (ed). Unravelling the Landscape: an inquisitive approach to archaeology
Lynda J Murray. A Zest for Life: the story of Alexander Keiller.
Branko Kerman. Settlement structures in Prekmurje from the air. Arheoloski vestnik 50
Esse Ericsson, et al. Flygspaning efter Historia.
Actes du colloque international d’archeologie aerienne AMIENS, Octobre 1992. Revue Archeologique de picardie No special 17
List of Contributors 70

AARGnews 19 (1999,2)

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Editorial 3
AARG working groups 5
Chairman’s Piece by Cathy Stoertz 6
Professor Barri Jones appreciations by Bob Bewley and David Kennedy 7
Power of image: some ideas on post-processual aerial archaeology by Wlodzimierz Raczkowski 10
Rowy sa czerwone: Poland – well, Poznan – from the ground by Rog Palmer 15
Books of interest? 18
List of Contributors 22

AARGnews 18 (1999,1)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Cathy Stoertz 5

AARG 98 7
Small format vertical aerial photography for mapping standing earthworks by Kevin L. Jones 8
Go East Young Man: a new reconnaissance programme in Romania by W.S. Hanson 15
Honorary Secretary’s Photograph by Toby Driver 18
High resolution satellite imagery from the internet by Martin J F Fowler 19
Technical News 22
AARG working groups 22
Where on Earth is it? by Irwin Scollar 23
Derrick Riley Bursary for Aerial Archaeology 34
Third International Conference on Archaeological Prospection 34
Review article by Kevin Jones: T. Darvill and A. Fulton, MARS: The Monuments at Risk Survey of England, 1995. 35
Books of interest? 39
NAPLIB. Directory of Aerial Photographic Collections in the United Kingdom: second edition.
R.H. Bewley (ed). Lincolnshire’s Archaeology from the Air.
M. Doneus and W. Neubauer. 2D combination of prospection data. Archaeological Prospection 5.
G. Robbins.Cropmark landscapes and domestic space. Assemblage issue 3.
CIRA.Bibliography of aerial reconnaissance.
A. Comfort. Remote sensing and archaeological survey on the Euphrates: 1988 report.
List of Contributors 42

AARGnews 17 (1998,2)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Cathy Stoertz 6

At last … the AARG homepage 8
Aerial archaeology in Africa: the challenge of a continent by Patrick Darling 9
Archaeological applications of imaging radar by Martin J F Fowler and Patrick Darling 19
Aerial archaeology in Jordan 1998 by David Kennedy and Bob Bewley 25
Air Archaeology Training Project in Poland: official statistics 28
Reflections on the Leszno aerial archaeology school by Paul Barford 29
An approach to automated morphological-topographical classification by Sam Redfern 31
Plus ça change by Anthony Crawshaw 38
AARG Conversation No 3: David Wilson and Rog Palmer: 29 July 1998 39
News from Europe 48
Poland at 1600 asa by Rog Palmer 49
Books of interest? 51
David Strachan. Essex from the Air.
E Sauer and S Crutchley. Alchester: a Roman fort and parade ground? Current Archaeology 157.
Various editors. British and Irish Archaeological Bibliography: supplements 2-5: gazetteer of archaeological investigations in England (1990-1994).
Psst …. Wanna see an AP of Baghdad … by Anthony Crawshaw 53
Notices: AARG working group: for sale (Wales from the Air) 54
List of Contributors 55

AARGnews 16 (1998,1)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Cathy Stoertz 6

AARG notices : AARG98; AARG working group 8
AARG aerial photograph competition: results by Fiona Small 9
Notices : Derrick Riley Bursary; World Archaeology Congress 11
Cerne Abbas Giant, Dorset, England by Francesca Radcliffe 12
The Williamson F24 aerial camera by David Wilson 13
Air photography and GIS; the Northants approach by Phil Markham 17
Nice aerial photo – shame about the site : a cautionary tale from the Tavoliere (S.E. Italy) by Keri Brown 21
Commercial printing and imaging from 35mm slides by Kevin Jones 23
Remote Sensing Society: Archaeology Special Interest Group (from their Newsletter 1 edited by Alison Cauldwell) 27
Aerial Archaeology in Central Europe: a short conference review by Michael Doneus 30
Crop Circles : exhibition of photographs by Anthony Crawshaw 31
Radar images on world wide web by Anthony Crawshaw 33
Workshop Pecs: 22-24 January 1998: summary by Gábor Bertók 36
AirPhoto – A WinNT/Win95 Program for Geometric Processing of Archaeological Air Photos by Irwin Scollar 37
News from Europe 39
Obituary: Tom Hayes by Paul Everson 40
Books of interest? Reviews and mentions : 41
Catherine Stoertz. Ancient Landscapes of the Yorkshire Wolds.
Judith Oexle (ed). From the air – pictures of our common past in Europe (Aus der Luft – Bilder unserer Geschichte : Luftbildarchaologie in Zentraleuropa).
F H A Aalen, K Whelan and M Stout (ed). Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape.
W Creamer, J Hass and T Mann. Applying photogrammetric mapping: a case study from northern New Mexico. American Antiquity, 62(2).
Jacqueline 1 McKinley, Bronze Age ‘barrows’ and funerary rites and ritual of cremation. Proc Prehistoric Society 63.
AARG: list of members: 1998 45
List of Contributors 52

AARGnews 15 (1997,2)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Cathy Stoertz 5
AARG aerial photograph competition 6
For sale: Ancient Landscapes Of The Yorkshire Wolds by Catherine Stoertz 7
Forthcoming event 8
British Archaeological Reports 8
Harold Wingham: pioneer aerial photographer by Geoff Hall 9
New films from Kodak by Rog Palmer 12
‘Flying too close to the sun?’ : air photography and GIS by Rebecca Moloney 13
Luftwaffe material in the National Monuments Record of Scotland by Kevin McLaren 15
Norton: the first interrupted ditch enclosure in Wales? by Toby Driver 17
Europe from the ground by Rog Palmer 20
On the archaeological use of vertical photographs by Michael Doneus 23
Remote Sensing Applications in Archaeology: conference review by Anthony Crawshaw 28
1.000.000 km2 KVR-lOOO Russian satellite imagery for 49.95 DM? by Peter Haupt 31
It may not be done well … but it could be the best that is available by Martin J F Fowler 33
Books of interest? Reviews and mentions: 36

W S Warner, R W Graham and R E Read. Small Format Aerial Photography.
Martin Gojda. Aerial Archaeology in Bohemia.
D R Wilson. The Care and Storage of Photographs : recommendations for good practice.
Peter Crew and Chris Musson. Snowdonia from the Air. Patterns in the landscape.
Robert K Vincent. Fundamentals of Geological and Environmental Remote Sensing.
Christopher Tolan-Smith. Landscape Archaeology in Tyneside.
(ed) Robert Van de Noort and Stephen Ellis. Wetland Heritage of the Humberhead Levels : an archaeological survey.
Derek Edwards (photog) and Peter Wade-Martins (ed). Norfolk from the Air: volume 1.
List of Contributors 43

AARGnews 14 (1997,1)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Cathy Stoertz 5
Honorary secretary’s report by Toby Driver 6
AARG 1997 7
Derrick Riley bursary for aerial archaeology 7
Forthcoming events 8
Thirty years in the air: the thirtieth anniversary of the first aerial reconnaissance by RCHME by Roger Featherstone 9
Ilford Professional Delta 100 – a note by Pete Horne and Dave MacLeod 10
Bohemia: a long-term grant awarded to the aerial project by Martin Gojda 11
The development of aerial photography in New Zealand archaeology (part II) by Kevin L. Jones 13
The Wainway Channel: aerial photographic evidence of land reclamation by Alison Deegan 23
Gleanings from Otto by Otto Braasch (editorially compiled) 26
Who’s afraid of morphological analysis? by Samantha D. Walker 27
Computer assisted classification from aerial photographs by Sam Redfern 33
New versions of AERIAL 38
Satellite remote sensing and archaeological survey on the Euphrates by Anthony Comfort 39
Declassified intelligence satellite photographs – an update by Martin J F Fowler 47
Bibliographic research on aerial archaeology and archaeological prospection by Jörg W. E. Fassbinder and Robert H. Hetu 49
RCHME grants for regional flying 1996/97 by Roger Featherstone 51
Books of interest? Reviews and comments 52
Sites of interest? surfed by Michael Doneus 56
More World War II photographs? 58
Letter 59
List of Contributors 60

AARGnews 13 (1996,2)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Marilyn Brown 4
Air archaeology training project in Hungary 1996: statistics compiled by Cathy Stoertz 5
The development of aerial photography in New Zealand archaeology by Kevin L. Jones 7
The combined method of aerial reconnaissance and surface collection by Martin Gojda 14
More on Technical Pan by Rog Palmer 20
Thoughts on hearing the first cuckoo of Spring: a personal response to bits of AARGnews 12 by Cathy Stoertz 21
AARG conversation N° 2, part 2: John Hampton and Rog Palmer: 30 January 1996 23
Declassified intelligence satellite photographs by Martin J F Fowler 30
Aerial archaeology in Japan: a personally-experienced overview by Martin Gojda 36
Ring ditches and fungus rings in the 17th century by David R Wilson 42
The small cropmark debate? by Robert H Bewley 49
Books of interest? 50
List of Contributors 54

AARGnews 12 (1996,1)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Marilyn Brown 6
Air archaeology training project in Hungary 1996 by Robert Bewley and Otto Braasch 7
Derrick Riley Bursary for aerial archaeology 9
Derrick Riley notes by Anthony Crawshaw 9
News from Europe information from Otto Braasch 10
Aerial archaeology in the Middle East by David Kennedy 11
Aerial reconnaissance and fieldwalking survey: British and Polish reality by Wlodzimierz Raczkowski 16
North Nottinghamshire field systems – a landscape overview by Alison Deegan 18
AARG 1996 24
Mapping in Scotland: the RCAHMS transcription programme by Rebecca Moloney 25
Another member of the AERIAL software family by John G B Haigh 26
The earliest record of frost marks and crop marks by Anthony Crawshaw 34
The great crop mark crisis by Rog Palmer 35
AARG conversation N° 2, part 1: John Hampton and Rog Palmer: 30 January 1996 36
The Remote Sensing Society: archaeology: special interest group by Rog Palmer 43
Reviews: 44
Welfare, H and Swan, V. Roman Camps in England:the field archaeology (John Samuels)
Alvisi, G. La fotografia aerea nell’ indagine archeologica (David Wilson)
List of Contributors 46

AARGnews 11 (1995,2)

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Chairman’s Piece by Marilyn Brown…5
AARG Database of Members by Jo Elsworth…7
Stonehenge from 230 Kilometres by Martin J F Fowler and Helen Curtis…8
Vertical Photography and Inter-tidal Archaeology by Davie Strachan…17
Thoughts on Mapping by Rog Palmer…21
Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England, Air Photography Unit:
Regional Reconnaissance Grants by Roger Featherstone…25
High Resolution Russian Satellite Imagery by Martin J F Fowler…28
Trying Kodak Technical Pan by Rog Palmer…33
AARGMART: Wanted and For Sale…36
Books of Interest?…37
Author index to AARGnews 1-10…39
List of Contributors…43
Notes for Contributors…44

AARGnews 10 (1995,1)

Back to top of page
Chairman’s Piece by Marilyn Brown…5
Forthcoming conferences (including AARG 1995)…6
Detection of Archaeological Features on Multispectral Satellite Imagery by Martin Fowler…7
The Future of the CBA Aerial Archaeology Committee by Rog Palmer and Marilyn Brown…15
AARG subscriptions…16
Some Few Remarks on the British Diversified View of Aerial Archaeology by Martin Gojda…17
Oblique Aerial Photography: films by Anthony Crawshaw…23
Problems and Potentials of Coastal Reconnaissance in Essex by D Strachan…28
Aerial Photography in Scandinavia…36
AARGMART: Wanted and For Sale…38
Books of Interest?…39
List of Contributors…40
Notes for Contributors…end cover

AARGnews 9 (1994,2)

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Editorial … 3
The Derrick Riley Fund for Studies in Aerial Archaeology … 5
Chairman’s Piece by Marilyn Brown … 6
Instructions for Operating P14 Cameras by Sqn. Ldr. D. J. Munro RAF (retd.) … 7
Ground Cover Mapping from Multispectral Satellite Imagery by Martin Fowler … 11
Pig Alignments – a New Class of Monument by Anthony Crawshaw … 20
The Challenge: Defining Aerial Archaeology by Bob Bewley … 21
Aerial Archaeology: the View from a small Continental Country by Martin Gojda … 23
AARG Conversation No 1: James Pickering and Rog Palmer: 9 August 1994 … 25
AARG 1993 – Oblique Aerial Photography: filters and things in front of the lens by Anthony Crawshaw … 34
Bits and Pieces gathered by Rog Palmer … 36
Managing the Archaeological Resource ‘Beyond the Ditch’: a curator’s view on aerial photography by Bob Sydes … 39
Who Needs a Specialist..? by Rog Palmer … 42
Royal Commisssion on the Historical Monuments of England, Air Photography Unit: Grants for Aerial Reconnaissance 1994/95 by Roger Featherstone … 44
Books of Interest? … 46
List of Contributors … 50
Notes for Contributors … end cover

AARGnews 8 (1994,1)

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Editorial … 3
Chairman’s Piece by Marilyn Brown … 6
New Journal : Archaeological Prospection … 7
Aerial Photography – present techniques and future aspirations by Chris Cox … 8
AARG1993 – Oblique Aerial Photography – Cameras by Anthony Crawshaw … 13
AARG Annual Meeting 1994 … 18
Tiptoe through the Cropmarks, Squelch through the Fens – but what next..? by Rog Palmer … 19
3-D Still Video Images by Anthony Crawshaw … 24
RCHME Closes Down! … 25
Wazzat? Number 2 – not the answer! by Anthony Crawshaw … 26
‘Aerial Archaeology’. What? by Rog Palmer … 27
Books of interest? … 30
Register of New Members (1993-1994) … 32
List of Contributors … 34
Notes for Contributors … 35

AARGnews 7 (1993,2)

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Editorial … 3

Chairman’s Piece by Bob Bewley … 6
Aerial Archaeology in Bohemia by Martin Gojda … 8

A Flight in Poland by Anthony Crawshaw … 11
Photography with a Tethered Blimp by Geoffrey D Summers … 12
Remote Sensing and Archaeology by Rog Palmer … 18
Clues about Cropmark Formation by Anthony Crawshaw … 20
A new issue of AERIAL – Version 4.20 by John G B Haigh … 22
RECTIFY: a program package for the rectification and interpretation of aerial archaeological photos by J Leckebusch … 26
Towards the rectification of digital images by John G B Haigh and Stanley S Ipson … 27
Technical News by Rog Palmer
Digital photogrammetry … 32

PC drawing packages – continued … 32
NAPLIB Directory of Aerial Photographic Collections in the UK 1993 … 34
Ann Clark (ed), Excavations at Mucking, vol 1: the site atlas (by David Wilson) … 35
Books of interest? … 38
List of Contributors … 41
Notes for Contributors … 42

AARGnews 6 (1993,1)

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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece by Bob Bewley 6
Some thoughts on Field Archaeology by David Wilson 7
Air Photography and Sites and Monuments Records: some observations by Neil Lang 10
Archaeological Interpretation and Rectification of Aerial Photographs. A short course at Bradford 13
Archéologie Aérienne Colloque International: two comments by un égout 14 by Charles Leva 16
Technical News by Rog Palmer
Ordnance Survey’s Superplan 18PhotoGIS 18PC drawing packages – a query 18
Ordnance Survey vertical photographs 19
Contour surveys 19
Diploma and MPhil in Aerial Photography. A new course. 20
Cropmark Discoveries in the River Barrow Valley, Ireland 1989-1991 by Gillian Barrett 21
Aerial Archaeology in Shetland: the South Nesting Palaeolandscape Project by Val Turner and Chris Cox 29
Looking Down on Amarna by Gwil Owen 33
Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England, Air Photography Unit: grants for aerial reconnaissance 1993/4 by Roger Featherstone 38
Wazzat? Number 2 by Vikki Fenner 41
Wazzat? Answer to Number 1 … 42
Books of interest? 43
Stereo Airphoto Training at CUCAP by Bud Young 44
List of Contributors 45
Notes for Contributors 46

AARGnews 5 (1992,2)

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Editorial 3 
Chairman’s Piece by Bob Bewley 4 
Letter from the Continent by Otto Braasch
Aerial Archaeology in Israel 1990-92 by Derrick Riley 7 
Using AERIAL 4.1 by Rog Palmer
Problems of Interpretation by Anthony Crawshaw 18 
Crop circles by Anon 19 
Real Interpretation by J Pickering 20
Technical News by Rog Palmer
Logitech’s FOTOMAN digital camera; 22 
DIGIPEN: a cursor-like-mouse; 23 
Photo-CD systems – again; 23 
Kodak Digital Camera Systems; 24 
Kodak professional film scanners 25
Wazzat? Number 1 by Anthony Crawshaw 26 
RCHME NLAP: new express services 27
Aerofilms Guides: 28
Iain Thomson, London;

John Godfrey, The South Downs Way;
Des Hannigan, The South Devon Coast Path;
Ted Fryer, The Cotswold Way
N M Sharples, Maiden Castle: excavations and field survey 1985-6 29 
P L Everson, C C Taylor and C J Dunn, Change and Continuity: rural settlement in north-west Lincolnshire 31
Books of Interest ? 32 
Register of Current Members – 1992, part 2 compiled by Vikki Fenner 33 
List of Contributors 37 
Notes for Contributors 38

AARGnews 4 (1992,1)

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Editorial 3 
Chairman’s Piece by Bob Bewley 5 
AARG meeting September 1992 – 6
Archaeology in Northern Ireland by Brian Williams 8 
Aerial Photography Advisory Service 11 
Aviation Cameras 1920(±): extracts from a Thornton-Pickard catalogue 12 
Photographing Crop Circles by David Wilson 16 
Problems of Interpretation by Rog Palmer 20 
Summer School, Cranfield 21 
Luftbildarchäologie in Hamm Bundesrepublik Deutschland by Wolfram Letzner 22 
Seeing the Wood Despite the Trees by Dave MacLeod 30 
Photo-CD Systems by Rog Palmer 32 
The Interpreter’s Lot – 1 by Rog Palmer 33 
‘Mapping England’ by Bob Bewley 34
Harvey Lloyd, Aerial Photography: professional techniques and commercial applications 35 
Maurice Marsac, Inventaire archéologique par photographie aérienne des abords du Golfe des Pictons 35
Books of Interest ? 37 
Register of Current Members – 1992, part 1 compiled by Vikki Fenner 38 
List of Contributors 41 
Backword 42 
Notes for Contributors 43

AARGnews 3 (1991,2)

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Editorial 3 
Chairman’s Piece: who’s next for the hot-seat? by Chris Musson 5
The Classification of Sites Discovered through Aerial Photography: Why bother by Bill Startin 7 
Real Archaeology or Misuderstanding ‘MORPH’? by Robert Bewley 9 
The Classification Game by Pete Horne and Dave MacLeod 12 
Crawshaw’s News by Anthony Crawshaw 18 
Speak Softly and Carry a Big Roller: Crop Circle Notes by Martin Hempstead 19 
An Airship Trip by Robert Bewley 25 
Levels of Technology for Digitised Images in Aerial Archaeology by John G B Haigh 28 
The AERIAL program, Version 4.1 by John G B Haigh 31 
Recent Enhancements to Photonet by Roger Harris 34 
Report on the Aerial Reconnaissance for England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Eire in 1990/91 compiled by Robert Bewley 38
Aerofilms, The Lake District from the Air 42 
RCHME, The National Monuments Record: a guide to the archive 43 
H C Bowen, The Archaeology of Bokerley Dyke: Inventory 44 
C Renfrew and P Bahn, Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice 45
Books of Interest? 47 
List of Contributors 48 
Notes for Contributors 49

AARGnews 2 (1991,1)

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Chairman’s Piece: an Italian Adventure by Chris Musson 4 
Using the Microlight Aircraft for Archaeological Air Photography by Ben Robinson 6 
Is your Negative File PVC ? by Anthony Crawshaw
Reconnaissance and Post-reconnaissance in Ireland: 1989 and 1990 – 10 
Continued Aerial Vomits: responses and suggestions by Chris Cox 12 
Unterstammheim-Äpelhusen, a Deserted Village in the Northern part of the Canton of Zurich: first results of our aerial photography project by Patrick Nagy 15 
Developer Funded Aerial Archaeology: the north west ethylene pipeline by Chris Cox 24 
Information Page: 1) Crop Circles, 2) Amiens 1992, 3) Air Reconnaissance in Roman Britain 1985-90 – 29 
Starfish Sites by Anthony Crawshaw 30 
Wartime Map References by Anthony Crawshaw 31 
Approaches to Classification by Rog Palmer 32 
The Purpose of Crop Mark Analysis by Richard Hingley 38 
Towards ‘Understanding’: the next steps? by J N Hampton 44
H C Bowen, The Archaeology of Bokerley Dyke …. 48 
Ch. Leva (ed), Aerial Photography and Geophysical Prospecting in Archaeology 49 
List of Contributors 50 
Notes for Contributors 51

AARGnews 1 (1990,1)

Back to top of page

Editorial 3 
‘Chairman’s Piece’ by Chris Musson 4 
NAPLIB Symposium 6 
CBA Aerial Archaeology Committee by D. R. Wilson. 7 
University of Cambridge, Committee for Aerial Photography by D. R. Wilson 8 
Air Photo Services by Chris Cox and Rog Palmer 9 
Roman logistic support systems along the Lippe river in Westphalia by A-M. Martin 10 
Aerial vomits: causes, effects and solutions? by Chris Cox 21 
Air reconnaissance in Roman Britain 1985 – 90 by G. S. Maxwell and D. R. Wilson 22 
National Association of Aerial Photographic Libraries (NAPLIB) by D. R. Wilson 23 
Bacon’s Farm, Upwell, Cambridgeshire: a Roman linear ‘village’ by Rog Palmer 24 
Freelance aerial archaeology: a personal viewpoint by Chris Cox 27 
Aerial photography and exemptions from the ‘Air Navigation Order 1985’ by Bob Bewley 30 
Wartime reminiscences by Derrick Riley 35 
Observations on the species Aerial by Anon 42 
List of contributors 43 
Notes for contributors 44