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A Beginner's Reading List

Introduction to Aerial Archaeology

Written in English, this web site covers the basics of aerial survey and ALS ad shows uses of these in landscape archaeology.

Especially chapter ‘Aerial Survey’, pages 80-93; the next edition should be published in 2019.

Photo Reading Examples

Informative Stuff

Topics of interest may be found in the Capture, Interpret and Case Studies pages.

AARGnews is open access to all issues in PDF form on this website

Using Archival Images


Use of Satellite Imagery

UAVs or Drones

Papers and Abstracts

Compiled by Irwin Scollar, Rog Palmer, Michael Doneus, John Haigh, Kevin MacLeod and Dave Cowley

      Compiled by Irwin Scollar

      by Martin Fowler, in AARGnews33

      by Ulrich Kiesow (archaeoflug) – PDF Size: 800KB

by R. Bewley and Ch. Musson. This project was only made possible with the support of the Culture 2000 programme of the European Union

England: a cropmark landscape in three dimensions, by Davy Strachan

An annotated bibliography

Göteborg, Thursday, 24th September, 1998

Irwin Scollar’s solutions to problems caused by different national map projections and their incorporation in Airphoto